Hi, I’m George

I create human-centered products—for individuals and for everyone.

Every product made for people should be usable, desirable, and delightful. That’s what I’m here for. I’m inquisitive, dedicated and a strong collaborator. See some of my recent work below, or get in touch.

Mixed Reality Business Apps

Layout HoloLens app

Transforming the modern workplace

I’ve driven features for the Microsoft Layout app, enabling designers to plan spaces in context with mixed reality, along with initiatives across the mixed reality business product line.

Contribution: Product management

Windows Mixed Reality

Edge browser window floating in VR home

Taking the web to the 3rd dimension (rad!)

From concept to completion, I drove the bring up of a full-featured web browser to the Windows Mixed Reality VR platform, along with the browser UX for WebVR.
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Contribution: Product management, interaction design


Collect & organize any content from the web in 3D

I led this WebVR browser extension, letting you collect 2D and 3D content from the web to organize and assimilate in VR.
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Contribution: Product management, front-end development

Skrybe Classroom Captioning

Better real-time captioning for deaf & hard of hearing students

Aiming to improve real-time captioning for deaf students, I conducted in-depth research, iterated from lo- to hi-fi and tested product designs for Microsoft Research.
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Contribution: Product management, interaction design, visual design, user research, evaluation

Project Durban Web Subtitles

Add subtitles to any media on the web

As the product designer for Microsoft Research’s solution to add on-the-fly subtitles to web media, I leveraged data to design a simple and effective tool for deaf users and language learners.
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Contribution: Interaction design, visual design, font-end development

Microsoft Edge Welcome Experience

Browser screenshot showing welcome page with 3 large numbers indicating setup steps

Proving the value of first impressions

I drove forward both user and business goals thru iterative design and A/B testing on the Edge first run webpage.
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Contribution: Product management, prototyping, user research, quantitative evaluation

Microsoft Edge Core Experiences

Microsoft Edge screenshot showing the settings pane with several controls

Designing a global product from the ground up

I worked on more than a dozen experiences an original member of the Microsoft Edge browser team. I learned to design for privacy, security, accessibility and localizability—across desktop, mobile, console, and AR/VR.
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Contribution: Product management, interaction design, user research, evaluation

Tipper Contextual Help

Screenshot of the Google home page with a mouse cursor hovering over the search box, revealing a description of that element

Contextual tooltips to help senior citizens on the web

I worked on research, design, prototyping and evaluation for Tipper, a browser extension that embeds detailed tips into webpages. Add tips for your elderly loved ones, which are shared to benefit all.
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Contribution: Interaction design, prototyping, user research, evaluation

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