Hi, I’m George

I design human-centered products—for individuals and for everyone.

Every product made for people should be usable, desirable, and delightful. That’s what I’m here for. I’m inquisitive, dedicated and a strong collaborator. See some of my recent work below, or get in touch.

Skrybe Classroom Captioning

Better real-time captioning for deaf & hard of hearing students

Aiming to improve real-time captioning for deaf students, I conducted in-depth research, iterated from lo- to hi-fi and tested product designs for Microsoft Research.
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Contribution: Interaction design, visual design, user research, evaluation

Windows Mixed Reality

Edge browser window floating in VR home

Taking the web to the 3rd dimension (rad!)

I defined design principles around how the web browser manifests in the new virtual reality shell and designed the browser UX for WebVR v1.
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Contribution: Interaction design, product management

Project Durban Web Subtitles

Add subtitles to any media on the web

As the only product designer for Microsoft Research’s solution to add on-the-fly subtitles to web media, I leveraged data to design a simple and effective tool for deaf users and language learners.
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Contribution: Interaction design, visual design, font-end development

Microsoft Edge Welcome Experience

Browser screenshot showing welcome page with 3 large numbers indicating setup steps

Proving the value of first impressions

I drove forward both user and business goals thru iterative design and A/B testing on the Edge first run webpage.
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Contribution: Interaction design, prototyping, user research, quantitative evaluation

Microsoft Edge Core Experiences

Microsoft Edge screenshot showing the settings pane with several controls

Designing a global product from the ground up

I worked on more than a dozen experiences an original member of the Microsoft Edge browser team. I learned to design for privacy, security, accessibility and localizability—across desktop, mobile, console, and AR/VR.
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Contribution: Interaction design, user research, evaluation

Tipper Contextual Help

Screenshot of the Google home page with a mouse cursor hovering over the search box, revealing a description of that element

Contextual tooltips to help senior citizens on the web

I worked on research, design, prototyping and evaluation for Tipper, a browser extension that embeds detailed tips into webpages. Add tips for your elderly loved ones, which are shared to benefit all.
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Contribution: Interaction design, prototyping, user research, evaluation

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