Collect & organize any web content in 3D

collect.vr is a browser extension lets you collect, arrange, and assimilate 2D and 3D content from the web, with Windows Mixed Reality and WebVR. Use it for online research, as a 3D idea board, or to compare products while shopping. Share your creations with friends and family.

Pioneering on a Deadline

I led this hackathon project and a team of 10 contributors from early concept to detailed project planning, then thru 72 hours of development.

The goals were to use VR to make people more productive and add value to 2D web content. We also proved out new technology by bringing together WebVR and browser extension capabilities.

The project uncovered potential fixes to the underlying platforms and informed future thinking about how to design more productive, lower effort VR interfaces.

Check out collect.vr on GitHub