Microsoft Edge Welcome Page

Proving the value of first impressions

In many cases, the page that opens on first launch is the only one users see before downloading a competitor. I saw the Welcome Page as an opportunity to drive user and business goals forward with a principled, evidence-based design approach.

I aimed to

  1. Use the Welcome Page to drive up product KPIs
  2. Prove the value of quantitative and qualitative testing in the design process

Qualitative Research

I started by gathering existing feedback, doing a competitive analysis and running a user study to observe users’ first interactions with the product. Then I led brainstorming sessions to develop hypotheses to better engage people.

Prototyping & A/B Testing

I worked with a visual designer and web developer to lead the process of designing, prototyping and A/B testing dozens of webpage variations, created from research-based hypotheses. For major releases, we picked the top designs to localize and ship across the globe.

This iterative, data-driven process has directly driven overall product success, and it continues across Edge onboarding experiences to this day.